Jisela Delgado explains why Aneesa Ferreira’s vote upset her in ‘The Challenge.’


Jisela Delgado explains why Aneesa Ferreira’s vote upset her in ‘The Challenge.’

Jisela Delgado, a contestant on The Challenge, was enraged at longtime friend Aneesa Ferreira for voting in a way that was not apparently promised. The three-time contender explained why the decision enraged her during an edition of the after-show.

Aneesa Ferreira has enraged Jisela Delgado by voting against her.

Jisela Delgado and Aneesa Ferreira met in 2002 during The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons and became fast friends. Aneesa is said to know her children, and the two have remained close throughout the years.

As a result, they returned as friends and comrades in the spinoff All-Stars. Jisela finished the daily mission last in the May 13 episode, earning a spot in elimination alongside Eric “Big Easy” Banks, who finished last as well.

Aneesa: We’re gonna have to talk at some point.

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Jisela Delgado Calls Aneesa Ferreira a “Fake Friend” for Not Being “Honest” in “The Challenge”

Jisela asked the others to vote in a player who hadn’t played in elimination because they hadn’t competed in the Arena during the season. During the discussions, Aneesa conveyed her friend’s wishes.

However, some rivals, including the hot-seat competitor Yes Duffy, disagreed, and he delivered an enthralling speech. Even though Aneesa previously told Jisela, she would vote for Yes, the veteran changed her mind and cast the swing vote to send Nehemiah Clark in against her friend.

Following the episode, Jisela referred to Aneesa as a “false friend.”

Jisela felt enraged after learning that Aneesa had voted in a different way. She confronted the veteran. She claimed they had broken up because she thought Aneesa was playing a “grimy game” by pretending to be friends with other rivals before “burning” and turning on them.

In a confessional, Aneesa justified herself, saying she returned to win, not to “coddle a grown lady.” Jisela dubbed the veteran a “false friend” on Twitter after the episode, stating that she assumed Aneesa… This is a condensed version of the narrative. I hope you found it entertaining.


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