Jimi Hendrix’s Views on Pink Floyd Have Changed Over Time


Jimi Hendrix’s Views on Pink Floyd Have Changed Over Time

If you’ve ever listened to (or read) Jimi Hendrix’s interviews, you’ll know that he didn’t trash-talk his contemporaries. Rock journalists naturally wanted to know what he thought of the major acts of the time (Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, and The Beatles among them). And Hendrix almost always chose to take it easy.

Hendrix said he hadn’t given much thought to Zeppelin (who had just recorded their first two albums at the time). Hendrix was generally complimentary of Clapton, but he didn’t think much of Clapton’s Delaney & Bonnie work. By The White Album, Hendrix felt The Beatles had started to tread water a little.

Classic rock fans may be interested in Hendrix’s thoughts on Pink Floyd. Despite the fact that Hendrix only lived to hear the first four Floyd albums (theoretically), he was asked about the band several times during his reign as rock’s king. And his feelings towards Floyd changed dramatically.

In the beginning, Jimi Hendrix sounded dismissive of Pink Floyd.

Why was Jimi Hendrix’s “Red House” omitted from the American editions of “Are You Experienced?”

The Steve Roby-edited Hendrix on Hendrix (2012) should be in your book collection if you want to hear Jimi at his most unfiltered. Many of Hendrix’s interviews were recorded by Roby over the years. Many are obscure, and a few are also redundant.

Nonetheless, you still get meaning for several of Hendrix’s popular quotes that you can’t get anywhere else. Steve Barker asked Hendrix about the emerging psychedelic scene in an early (January ’67) interview with Unit. Hendrix didn’t think highly of what was being categorized as “psych” at the time.

“When these cats say, ‘Look at the band — they’re playing psychedelic music!’ and all they’re really doing is flashing lights and playing ‘Johnny B. Goode’ with the wrong chords … it’s terrible.” For whatever reason, Barker followed that by asking if Hendrix had… This story is a short summary. Hope you enjoyed.


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