Jessie J is’still in shock’ following her miscarriage: ‘The Sadness Is Overwhelming.’


Jessie J is’still in shock’ following her miscarriage: ‘The Sadness Is Overwhelming.’

In a sad statement on social media, Jessie J shared that she had lost her pregnancy.

The 33-year-old British singer shared the tragic news on Instagram on Wednesday, posting a photo of herself holding a positive pregnancy test and a quotation from Seyda Noir that read: “Sometimes love won’t be enough to make it work, and that’s OK.” It doesn’t mean you’re a failure.” “Yesterday morning I was giggling with a friend saying’seriously however, how am I going to get through my show in LA tomorrow night without informing the entire audience I am pregnant?'” Jessie wrote in the post. The singer, on the other hand, was “dreading the notion of getting through the show without breaking down…” later in the day. When she went in for her third scan, the “Price Tag” singer was informed that “there was no longer a heartbeat.”

Jessie, whose true name is Jessica Ellen Cornish, said she felt “out of control of my emotions” after the loss.

The England native, however, stated that she still intended to perform, “not to dodge the sadness or the process, but because I know singing tonight will heal me.”

Jessie stated her soul “needs” to sing for her followers after only doing two gigs in the last couple of years. She acknowledged that some people may object to her desire to perform, but she explained that singing has always been a type of “self-love therapy” for her. “I want to be open and honest, and I don’t want to disguise how I’m feeling.” That is something I have earned. I want to be as authentic as possible right now. “Not only for the audience, but also for me and my tiny baby who gave it her all,” she explained. “I know myself, and I know I’d say something on stage about it because that’s who I am.” So, instead of a sad dramatic speech attempting to convey my enthusiasm, I’ve decided to do something else. This feels more secure.” According to the singer, having a child on her own is “all I’ve ever desired,” and “life is short.” Jessie went on to say that being pregnant was a “miracle” and an experience she aspires to repeat in the future.

“I’m still in shock, and the sadness is unbearable.” But I know I’m strong, and I know I’ll be fine,” continued the “Bang Bang” singer. “I’m also aware that millions of women around the world have experienced similar anguish and suffering. The Washington Newsday Brief News is a daily newspaper published in Washington, D.C.


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