Jesse Williams of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ admits that the idea of a Jackson spinoff is ‘Damn Interesting.’


Jesse Williams of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ admits that the idea of a Jackson spinoff is ‘Damn Interesting.’

Jesse Williams, the star of Grey’s Anatomy, startled fans when he abruptly quit the medical drama after 12 seasons. His days as Dr. Jackson Avery, on the other hand, may not be ended just yet. The idea of a Jackson-focused spinoff is “damn exciting,” according to Williams.

Jesse Williams’ departure from “Grey’s Anatomy” was conceived “organically.”

Williams revealed in a recent interview with Deadline that the decision to leave Grey’s Anatomy came about this year. He also claims that it happened “organically.” The actor said he worked with producers to figure out where Jackson was in his self-discovery process.

Jackson has had a terrible couple of years in terms of sexual and platonic connections. Since his divorce from April Kepner, Williams’ character has been “a little lost,” according to Williams (Sarah Drew).

Jackson has a lot of power and influence as an Avery, but he keeps avoiding it, according to him.

“So it kind of just happened naturally via truly honoring the character’s reality, not what I want, what the program wants, or what the audience want,” she says. What is the character’s reality? “How would he know where he was?” Williams stated his opinion.

In his farewell episode, Dr. Avery relocated from Seattle to Boston.

Williams’ final episode was “Look Up Child,” which aired recently. His character had become dissatisfied with the healthcare system’s inequity. He was especially concerned about how the pandemic was disproportionately affecting people of color.

As a result, he announced that he would be leaving Grey Sloan Memorial and relocating to Boston. He intended to take over his family’s foundation and begin having a greater effect on the globe. Fans were also surprised when Jackson’s ex-wife April appeared in his final appearance.


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