Jeremy Vuolo’s recent fashion is mocked by ‘Counting On’ fans: ‘No one hikes in their dress shoes.’


Jeremy Vuolo’s recent fashion is mocked by ‘Counting On’ fans: ‘No one hikes in their dress shoes.’

For years, Counting On viewers have watched the Duggar family. People adored Jinger Duggar’s adventurous enthusiasm when she first met her now-husband, Jeremy Vuolo. It didn’t stop them from making fun of his wardrobe style, either, particularly on a recent trek.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have always been outliers in the Duggar family.

When Duggar and Vuolo married, they chose a different perspective to life than Duggar had been raised with. Duggar’s clothes was usually conservative when she was younger, with long gowns or skirts being the only options to hide her curves.

She came out of her shell a little more after Duggar and Vuolo married. She started wearing slacks and outfits that were shorter and more form-fitting. Vuolo, on the other hand, was the fashion expert who helped Duggar discover her own sense of style. She wears Jordans and expresses herself through her wardrobe thanks to him.

Fans have questioned Vuolo’s dress sense in the past, and the Counting On star’s newest Instagram video was no exception.

Jeremy Vuolo’s fashion taste has admirers making fun of him — but only in a lighthearted way.

Vuolo has been spending more time with friends now that the pandemic is winding down and immunizations have been completed. He also tackled traversing a tiny log over a raging river in a recent video. Though the video was meant to show off his nature skills, fans couldn’t help but notice that his “hiking” outfit was more like something someone would wear on a dinner date.

One user said, “No one goes hiking in formal shoes.”

“Why are you wearing [such]clothes/shoes for a hike?” Another user made a comment.

Someone with a winking emoji said, “Perhaps it’s time for new hiking shoes.”

People have been making fun of it for a time now… This is a condensed version of the narrative. I hope you found it entertaining.


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