Jennifer Aniston Says ‘There Was Never Competition’ on Set of ‘Friends’


Jennifer Aniston Says ‘There Was Never Competition’ on Set of ‘Friends’

Few TV shows in the 1990s and 2000s drew the kind of audience that Friends did. Fans enjoyed the jokes (some of which did not age well) and marveled at the antics of the characters. But it was the closeness of the core group’s relationships that they admired the most.

While many subsequent series have focused on friends in their twenties and thirties, none have had the same impact as Friends. Much of this can be attributed to Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, and David Schwimmer’s actual friendship. Here’s what Aniston had to say about their special bond.

Jennifer Aniston starred in the television series ‘Friends.’

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Before landing her breakout role, Aniston appeared in a few films, including the widely mocked horror comedy Leprechaun. Rachel Green, a young woman who runs away on her wedding day and ends up living with a childhood friend in Manhattan, was played by her.

Friends quickly became one of the most popular television shows after its debut in 1994. Aniston rose from obscurity to become a member of the highest-paid cast (at the time). Daily tabloid headlines, regular run-ins with the paparazzi, and eventually a major film career followed.

She’s kept in touch with her co-stars.

THEY ARE GIVING US SO MUCH #friendsreunion

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Every Time the ‘Friends’ Cast Has Worked Together Since the Show Ended

Despite Aniston’s growing fame, she stayed in contact with her Friends co-stars through the years. She especially spends time with Cox, who played Monica Geller. The two frequently appear in one another’s Instagram posts, even spending holidays together.

Additionally, the Friends stars have made a point to reunite on screen when they can. Aniston appeared in an episode of Cox’s series Dirt … This story is a short summary. Hope you enjoyed.


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