Jennifer Aniston explains why she won’t be attending the Emmy Awards this year.


Jennifer Aniston explains why she won’t be attending the Emmy Awards this year.

Jennifer Aniston has announced that she will not be attending the 2021 Emmy Awards on September 19 owing to fears about her safety in the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.

In a recent appearance with “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” she stated, “No, I will not be going.” “I believe Ben Winston, our brilliant producer and director who put the whole [reunion]together, will attend.

“Just being here is a significant step for me. “It’s only tiny steps,” stated the 52-year-old actress.

Aniston is up for an Emmy Award this year, but she’s not taking any chances when it comes to the Delta variant strain’s relentless spread. Winston will receive the prize on her behalf if she wins, she said.

She went on to tell Kimmel that she has been keeping at home since the epidemic hit in early 2020, and that she has only gone out to tape the second season of her show, “The Morning Show.”

She also goes out for press and to see her close friends Courtney Cox and Jason Bateman on occasion.

“We had this tiny bubble of friends—thank God, I adore you all—but it was difficult. “Weird times,” she continued.

While Aniston has opted not to attend this year’s run of the awards event owing to safety concerns, the Television Academy will make sure that everyone who will be present at the ceremony is safe. Limiting the show to roughly 600 people, holding it in an open-air tent on the LA Live deck in downtown Los Angeles, and asking participants to produce confirmation of vaccination and a negative COVID-19 result before entering the venue are all precautions taken.

Last year, the Emmy Awards were broadcast live online, and Aniston and Kimmel were on hand to present the first prize. After a ruse involving burning the winner’s envelope went wrong, she wound herself in the news for extinguishing a trash can fire.

Aniston starred in “Friends: The Reunion,” which aired earlier this year. Outstanding Production Design for a Variety Special, Outstanding Directing for a Variety Special, Outstanding Lighting Design/Lighting Direction for a Variety Special, and Outstanding Variety Special are among the four Emmy nominations.


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