Jennifer Aniston claims a producer told her on the set of ‘Friends’ that she was not going to be a star.


Jennifer Aniston claims a producer told her on the set of ‘Friends’ that she was not going to be a star.

Jennifer Aniston’s final television comedy was Friends. She appeared on a few TV shows as a guest star, but she didn’t have another lead role until 2019’s The Morning Show, which is a drama. Prior to Friends, Aniston appeared in a number of short-lived sitcoms, including The Edge, a sketch comedy show, and a Ferris Bueller TV series. Friends was not well received by one of her former producers.

Friends: The Reunion saw the actors of the classic sitcom reunite on HBO Max. Friends producer Kevin Bright, as well as producers Marta Kaufman and David Crane, explained why they had to let Aniston do another show at the same time, and Aniston revealed the story of her disapproving producer. Friends: The Reunion, which premieres on HBO Max on May 27, will reveal a lot more.

Before ‘Friends,’ Jennifer Aniston landed another show.

Aniston was already filming another sitcom for CBS when Bright, Kaufman, and Crane were casting Friends. They were so desperate to cast Aniston in the character of Rachel that they took a chance and cast her regardless.

Bright explained, “She had already signed into a show called Muddling Through.” “This show had already been shot for six episodes, so it was a little more than simply the pilot.”

According to Kaufman, they were essentially betting that Muddling Through would be canceled.

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“We took a big risk casting her and sharing her with this other program to see who would win,” Kaufman added.

Friends would have lost Aniston if Muddling Through had been a hit, according to Crane.

“We even shot the pilot and probably three episodes of Friends while the show was still on the air,” Crane added. “We would have had to reshoot the first three episodes of Friends if CBS had picked it up.”

Jennifer Aniston pleaded with the producers of ‘Muddling Through’ to let her go.

By the time she finished Muddling, she was… This is a condensed version of the narrative. I hope you found it entertaining.


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