Janelle Brown’s rental property has been sold on ‘Sister Wives,’ so where will she go now?


Janelle Brown’s rental property has been sold on ‘Sister Wives,’ so where will she go now?

Janelle Brown will be on the move at least once more. Another rental property owned by the mother of six and Sister Wives star has been sold out from under her. Janelle is set to be evicted since the Brown family is still undecided about Coyote Pass. Fans can’t help but worry how many more moves she’ll make before admitting the move to Flagstaff was a mistake.

The rental property of Janelle Brown has been sold.

Janelle had been renting a five-bedroom, three-bathroom home in Flagstaff, but the soaring real estate market has forced her to relocate once more. On May 22, the house Janelle had been renting was put up for sale. The $699,000 asking price lured purchasers in. The owner has had the property on the market for 13 days. An offer has already been accepted. Robyn Brown, star of ‘Sister Wives,’ has been chastised on Twitter for being a hypocrite.

Janelle is now traveling at a breakneck speed. In the web photos that the realtor used to market the property, boxes are strewn about. Janelle’s whereabouts, on the other hand, are unknown. She’ll most likely set up business in another rental home, but it’s unclear how long she’ll be there. The real estate market in Flagstaff is rising. Many homeowners are being enticed to sell while they can still make a profit because of the high demand for property.

Janelle Brown has previously relocated.

It hasn’t been simple for any of the Sister Wives cast members to find permanent housing in Flagstaff. Christine Brown was the first member of the family to purchase a home in Flagstaff after the family relocated. The mother of six stated that she had been unable to locate a rental that allowed dogs. Meri Brown found a huge rental after having to return to Las Vegas for a brief period due to complaints from neighbors. Kody Brown’s fourth and legal wife, Robyn Brown, relocated multiple times before purchasing a large home with a hefty price tag.


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