It’s worth the trek from Liverpool to see Hairy Biker’s favorite pie shop.


It’s worth the trek from Liverpool to see Hairy Biker’s favorite pie shop.

Si King and Dave Myers of Hairy Bakers have revealed one of their favorite pubs, and it’s well worth the trip from Liverpool.

Parkers Arms in Clitheroe was featured in the latest series of The Hairy Bikers, which examined food and drink from across the UK.

They traveled to Yorkshire, Cumbria, and the Peak District, all favourite holiday spots for Liverpudlians, and described it as their most personal voyage yet.

They began their eight-part series in Lancashire, a region they praised for its beautiful scenery and high-quality products.

They visited the region’s pubs and producers to demonstrate viewers there’s more to the red rose county than Eccles cakes, and one stood out above the others.

The, Newton-in-Bowland, has been added to King and Myers’ ever-growing list of must-visit pubs.

Kathy and Stosie, the owners, take pride in their “short and seasonal” menu, which impressed the Hairy Bikers with their Curried Mutton Pies.

Stosie claims that their pastries are created with fat from aged and flavorful meat from the area.

Visitors from all across the UK have posted their experiences on TripAvdisor, and it’s not just the Hairy Bikers who have been impressed with their pies.

“The notorious pie, this night a curried mutton was delectable- maybe the greatest pastry I’ve ever eaten- cooked with sheep fat,” one diner said.

“I started with a nicely spiced Lebanese lamb manouch and a rich dark chocolate and peanut dessert. I’m a big fan of hearty, flavorful dishes, and this one delivers.”

“The pie he dreamed of made my husband’s day,” another commented. “Strongly suggested.”

“Absolutely wonderful, the best butter pie I’ve ever had,” a third joked. Sorry for the inconvenience, Gran.

“The pastry was really light… the mash was creamy and flawless.”


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