It’s time to rediscover the pleasures of dressing up once more.


It’s time to rediscover the pleasures of dressing up once more.

As a result of the epidemic and the fact that many of us work from home, fashion has gotten much more loose in the last year or so.

We applauded the trend toward stretchy waistbands and trainers, because your most used and comfy garments can provide a lot of comfort. Many of us, though, don’t want to stay in sweatpants forever as many sections of the world begin to tentatively open up again.

Even if you’re finding it difficult to break free from your athleisure routine, changing up your wardrobe and enjoying dressing up again could be beneficial. Dressing up is referred to as “self-care” by Shakaila Forbes-Bell, fashion psychologist and founder of Fashion Is Psychology ( “While not being restricted by corporate dress requirements and being able to dress in a way that is comfortable for you, which might be beneficial to a productive day, it can start to seem confining – almost like a uniform,” she says.

Getting out of this sartorial rut may be “very cathartic,” she says, because it’s a respite from our regular routines, which can leave us feeling anxious. “The ability to venture outside of your conventional comfort zone and dress in a way that is not the standard can almost work as an escapist tool.” It can “help you move into a different facet of yourself, help you embrace creativity, and help you have a little fun – so in that regard, it can undoubtedly be a mood booster,” according to Forbes-Bell.

Dressing up, of course, implies different things to various people, depending on their personality, culture, background, and other factors. Find own version, whether it’s putting on a fancy dress, wearing your favorite color, or doing something a little different from the norm.

“Don’t reserve that special occasion dress for a special occasion; you have to make a day a special occasion by wearing such dresses,” Forbes-Bell advises, especially after the past year, when anything could be canceled at any time. The psychologist has already decided on her outfit for the next time. (This is a brief piece.)


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