‘It’s Literally No Different Than a Chiropractor,’ says Rob Lowe on why he and his family go to therapy.


‘It’s Literally No Different Than a Chiropractor,’ says Rob Lowe on why he and his family go to therapy.

Rob Lowe is candid about seeing a therapist for himself and his family. After all, it was through therapy that he was able to achieve the life he had always desired. In a 2019 interview, the Parks and Recreation star discussed his approach to treatment. Lowe’s life was saved through counseling, which also helped his marriage and kept his family together.

When Rob Lowe wanted to be sober, he began going to counseling.

Lowe grew up surrounded by the media. He was a notorious member of the Brat Pack in the 1980s. There was always the threat of drugs and booze.

Lowe chose to seek treatment and become clean when he aged 26.

He told Variety, “All of my understanding of life has come from getting sober and being in treatment.” “When you stop abusing whatever it is you’ve been abusing, that’s when the real work starts. This is still the case today. It doesn’t get any easier in many aspects, but it does grow more fulfilling.”

Rob Lowe, happy 50th birthday! You still have the appearance of a Brat Pack member. other ageless celebrities http://t.co/vjKDXGg40C pic.twitter.com/Y0pWS1GXOB

— March 17, 2014, MSN (@MSN)

Lowe wanted to get clean for a variety of reasons. Sheryl Berkoff, his wife, was one of them.

“I remember thinking if I couldn’t make it work with Sheryl, then I wasn’t going to be able to make it work with anybody,” he said. “That was at least half the impetus for getting sober, because I knew I couldn’t be in a long-term relationship unless I was.”

Rob Lowe and wife Sheryl Berkoff see a marriage counselor

Therapy didn’t just help Lowe get sober, it also keeps his marriage in a healthy place. In an interview with the goopfellas podcast, The Outsiders actor spoke about how he and Berkoff still seek help from a marriage counselor to fine-tune their communication skills.

“Half of us don’t know how to communicate, and it’s only… This is a condensed version of the narrative. I hope you found it entertaining.


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