Isn’t it about time we all become skin-light?


Isn’t it about time we all become skin-light?

Many of us have wised up to the world of skincare and use various products every day. Gone are the days when we would spray a little water on our face and move on with our lives.

While thinking more about protecting our skin is a good thing — after all, it is our body’s largest organ — figuring out what to put on your face may be difficult.

We seem to be continually reminded about new, unpronounceable compounds we should start using right now, and by the time you’ve purchased everything that’s meant to be beneficial for your skin, you’re using 12 products a night.

This can be costly and even unpleasant to your skin, which is why a new trend called skin minimalism has evolved to challenge these elaborate, multi-step regimes.

What exactly is it? Dr. Shaaira Nasir, consultant dermatologist at sk:n, states, “Using the bare minimum of skincare products to accomplish a basic skincare program” (

So, what do we like about this new fad, and how can you include it into your daily routine?

What are the advantages of simplifying your skincare routine?

Nasir claims that “skin minimalism can save you money and time.” “It also decreases the risk of producing irritation by using too many items or items that aren’t needed (since their uses and functions overlap).”

Many of us have shifted our focus away from make-up and into self-care habits like skincare as a result of the pandemic. Nasir, on the other hand, sees people fall into the trap of using too many things all the time. Many of her clients, she says, “continuously add more steps to their routine over time, either because they don’t receive the outcomes they want, or because they believe more is better.” Following trends, such as the 10-step Korean beauty trend, can also help with this.”

Too many products on the face can create irritation, which can lead to breakouts and worse disorders including acne, rosacea, and eczema, according to Nasir.

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