Is your pet’s name on the list of most common names for dogs bought in lockdown?


Is your pet’s name on the list of most common names for dogs bought in lockdown?

As lockdown began, many people were forced to live alone or try to live with their other half or housemates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so it’s no surprise we’ve needed some additional companionship – and furry pals to cheer us up.

Because we were locked inside, many of us sought for new company outside of our typical human companions.

The demand for dogs increased dramatically over the last year, with some breeds seeing their worth climb by as much as £2,000 as a result of the high demand.

And what would you call a brand-new puppy who was only a few days old?

During lockdown, it appears that many of us were split on the appropriate name for our pet pooches, as several titles popped out as extremely popular, according to Team Dogs.

GoCompare’s research into lockdown pet trends has revealed the most frequent names given to our new companions during lockdown.

Since we went into lockdown, the most popular name given to our pets has been Luna, which has been given to almost 1,700 dogs.

With just under 1,500 dogs named Bella in the last year, it was the second most popular name.

Teddy and Buddy complete the top five, with Milo rounding out the top three.

The presence of classic names like Charlie and Coco on the list also demonstrates that old favorites like Charlie and Coco are still popular among dog owners today.

The following are the top 10 most popular dog names during lockdown:

Luna has a population of 1,753 people. Bella has a total of 1,492 points. Milo has a total of 1,352 points. Teddy has a total of 1,067 points. Buddy has a score of 1,020. Lola – 946 Bailey – 858 Coco – 887 Reggie – 779 Charlie – 775

Despite not proving most popular over lockdown, the GoCompare research has found that the most popular dog name since 1989 was in fact Bella, with well over 6,000 doggos bearing the name in the UK in that time.

Luna was the third-most popular name overall after its popularity over lockdown, with Charlie proving the second-most chosen name over the three decades.


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