Is Martin Harris Really Dead in ‘Cruel Summer’? He Couldn’t Be


Is Martin Harris Really Dead in ‘Cruel Summer’? He Couldn’t Be

Viewers speculate that Martin Harris (Blake Lee) may still be alive as the Cruel Summer Finale approaches. Fans believe Martin is still alive because we never saw a flashback of the day Kate Wallis (Olivia Holt) left his house. Although news reports cited a “shootout,” no one knows the full facts of what occurred on Martin’s death day.

In ‘Cruel Summer,’ how did Martin Harris die?

In Cruel Summer Episode 1, viewers learned how Martin Harris died. Jeanette Turner (Chiara Aurelia) and her parents, Cindy (Sarah Drew) and Greg Turner (Michael Landes), watched a breaking news broadcast in a clip from 1994 towards the close of the episode.

“Tonight’s top story,” the reporter declared, “missing girl Kate Wallis was rescued today, and her captor was murdered in a brutal shootout.” “In a stunning and distressing turn of events, Kate Wallis’ supposed kidnapper turned out to be Martin Harris, the assistant principle of Skylin High School in Texas.”

Martin died on or around June 21, 1994, according to the first episode of the teen psychological thriller. A loud noise was reported by Jeanette and Jamie Henson (Froy Gutierrez). After hearing the gunshot, Vincent Fuller (Allius Barnes) went outside to ask Jeanette and Jamie if they had heard it as well. Jamie claimed it was a car backfiring, but we know it was the gunshot from Martin Harris’ house.

Is it possible that Martin Harris is still alive in ‘Cruel Summer’?

Martin Harris may still be alive in Cruel Summer, according to some watchers.

On Reddit, one fan said, “Calling it now, Martin isn’t dead.” “Until you see the body, you don’t know if they’re dead,” says every movie, TV show, and book. We’ve seen a headstone and news reports, but a gunshot wound to the head can make someone pretty unidentifiable.”

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