Is 50 Cent Going to Appear in ‘Power Book III: Raising Kanan’?


Is 50 Cent Going to Appear in ‘Power Book III: Raising Kanan’?

Power Book III: Raising Kanan is the most recent installment in the Power Universe to air on television. Raising Kanan is a prequel to the original series, set in the 1990s in Queens, New York, and follows Kanan Stark during his adolescent years. Fans will recognize Kanan as the vicious drug dealer played by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson on Power. In the original series, Kanan is released from prison and seeks vengeance on James “Ghost” St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) and Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora).

Kanan forms a bond with Ghost’s son Tariq St. Patrick in order to hit Ghost where it hurts (Michael Rainey Jr.). Unfortunately for Kanan, things don’t work out in the end, and he walks out with all guns blazing. Raising Kanan, on the other hand, leaps back three decades to reveal how Kanan came to be the man he is now.

Will 50 Cent appear in the upcoming program, despite the fact that newbie Mekai Curtis will play Kanan, a 15-year-old?

When is the release date for ‘Power Book III: Raising Kanan’?

Fans are desperate for more Power in their lives, with the original Power concluding in 2020 after a six-season run and fans eagerly awaiting season two of Power Book II: Ghost, which continues the story of Tariq St. Patrick. Power Book III: Raising Kanan, thankfully, will be released on July 18, 2021, according to Starz. Expect it to be nothing like the Power Universe you’re used to seeing.

“It does feel like Power, and you definitely feel the Power of that in that show, the capital P Power,” Power creator Courtney A Kemp told Deadline. “But it also has its own small p power in the tale that it’s telling and in its time, and you want to make sure that the audience feels that as well.”

This period in Kanan’s life has been dubbed his “innocence phase” by 50 Cent. “ You’ll see his very first fight—the events that shaped him into the… This is a condensed version of the narrative. I hope you found it entertaining.


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