Instead of a kidnapping, ’24’ was supposed to be about a wedding.


When it first aired in 2001, 24 was considered appointment television. But did you know that the show that made Kiefer Sutherland famous had a completely different idea at one point? Yes, you read that correctly. The program was supposed to be about a wedding that was coming up!

The premise of 24 was unique.


When 24 first aired in 2001, it had a completely unique framework. The show is creators, Robert Cochran and Joel Surnow, filmed each episode over the course of an hour.

The title “24” related to the show is depiction of a 24-hour day over the course of a season. A clock was always prominently shown on the lower portion of the screen, counting down the 24 hours for spectators, to hammer home the idea about the show is usage of time.

The show also used the split-screen technology, which was an original approach. The show is producers and directors helped the audience keep up with everything that was going on by presenting events taking place simultaneously in separate locations. This let the audience to keep up with all that was going on without losing track of time on the ticking clock.

Sutherland portrayed Jack Bauer, the head of a counter-terrorism squad, in the television series 24. In the first season, Jack and his squad work together to stop a presidential contender played by Dennis Haysbert from being assassinated. Other seasons include missions such as preventing a bomb in Los Angeles, infiltrating a Mexican drug gang, and rescuing the Secretary of Defense and his daughter from terrorists. Jack Bauer’s escapades appeared to go on forever.

Terrorism was not the original emphasis of 24.

It is hard to believe now, but 24 was originally conceived as a show about the 24 hours leading up to a wedding by the show is founders. Joel Surnow was mentioned in The Week… This is a condensed version of the narrative. I hope you found it entertaining.



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