Ina Garten Offers One Simple Summer Salad Tip


Ina Garten Offers One Simple Summer Salad Tip

When it comes to making a green salad for your next family dinner, gathering, dinner party, or picnic, Ina Garten has the greatest advice. The Barefoot Contessa like to prepare her own vinaigrette for the salad dressing, and her simple hack keeps the salad from becoming soggy.

Ina Garten explains why dry lettuce is so important.

A salad isn’t a difficult dish to prepare, but there are a few frequent errors that people make when putting together a green salad. Garten offered her tips for producing the greatest fresh-tasting salad, which includes making sure your lettuce is completely dry before adding the dressing.

Garten demonstrated how to prepare an easy vinaigrette on PBS NewsHour in 2017, emphasizing the need of keeping the salad dry. “It’s really crucial for it to be dry,” she continued, so the dressing sticks better.

Ina Garten has one simple salad-making tip.

Another advice from Garten is to pour the dressing into the salad dish first, then layer the greens on top. Wait until you’re ready to serve your salad before tossing the ingredients together.

Garten only tosses the salad when it’s ready to serve it, rather than tossing it together right away and then waiting for guests to come, risking everything being soggy.

During her Barefoot Contessa cooking show, she remarked, “I put a little amount in the bottom of the bowl – you don’t want to toss it before you’re about to serve it.”


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