Ina Garten employs one easy tip to make the best-tasting spaghetti.


Ina Garten employs one easy tip to make the best-tasting spaghetti.

Ina Garten shares a quick tip for preparing the best-tasting spaghetti that requires no additional ingredients or cooking processes. The Barefoot Contessa star explained her clever method for ensuring that every piece of spaghetti is tasty.

Ina Garten swears by one method for cooking spaghetti.

Garten normally starts by creating a sauce and then adding the cooked pasta to it when she demonstrates how to make her pasta recipes. Garten argues that one simple trick is the key to success. Instead of pouring the sauce over the drained pasta, she quickly stirs it into the sauce, allowing it to absorb all of the sauce.

Garten used the technique to make linguine with shrimp scampi on the Barefoot Contessa cooking show. While the pasta was cooking, she made an olive oil, butter, and shrimp sauce and discussed why seasoning the sauce is so important. “Because when you add the pasta, the sauce has to flavor the pasta as well — so it has to be extremely flavorful,” she noted.

Garten prefers to put the cooked and drained pasta right into the sauce. “You cook the pasta and sauce together for the final few minutes, and it really absorbs the flavor,” she explained.

Before serving, she tossed the spaghetti with lemon juice, lemon zest, parsley, red pepper flakes, and lemon slices to add more flavor.

On the Food Network website, you can find the entire recipe.

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During a Dec. 11, 2020 interview with Katie Couric, Garten answered to a fan question about her favorite Christmas dish by noting it was a simple… The following is a condensed version of the story. I hope it was enjoyable for you.


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