In Venezuela, ‘The Simpsons’ was banned for being a bad influence and was replaced with ‘Baywatch.’


In Venezuela, ‘The Simpsons’ was banned for being a bad influence and was replaced with ‘Baywatch.’

TV shows often tackle contentious issues or have their whole structure built around a taboo topic. We’re drawn to these risqué explorations of cultural concepts, but not everyone — particularly across cultural divisions — embraces them.

And seemingly harmless shows like Tiny Toon Adventures and Maude have had episodes pulled from the air because they tackled controversial topics. Perhaps more surprising is that whole shows are censored in other countries due to a disparity in standards and perceptions.

That was the case in Venezuela, where The Simpsons was outright banned.

The first episode of ‘The Simpsons’ aired in 1989.

Homer is never allowed to do anything on ‘The Simpsons,’ according to an unspoken rule.

The Simpsons has the distinction of being the longest-running scripted primetime television show. The show first aired in 1989, and according to IMDb, it has a total of 731 episodes with no end in sight.

The animated presentation is undoubtedly part of what has helped the series to last so long. The show takes on a timeless quality that makes it relevant year after year because the drawn characters don’t age and evolve like live actors do.

Similarly, the concept of the show is intended to be timeless. The series depicts the dysfunction of a working-class family in Springfield, a fictionalized version of America’s Everytown. The Simpsons does not shy away from the controversial when it comes to satirizing American customs and beliefs.

‘The Simpsons’ has gone through many transformations over the years.

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It’s incredible that The Simpsons has remained largely unchanged for over 30 years and continues to attract audiences… This is a condensed version of the plot. I hope you found it entertaining.


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