In the midst of dating rumors, Jana Kramer and Jay Cutler were photographed together for the first time.


In the midst of dating rumors, Jana Kramer and Jay Cutler were photographed together for the first time.

Jay Cutler and Jana Kramer have been spotted together, prompting speculation that they are dating.

Kramer, 37, and Culter, 38, were spotted at the opening of the Twelve Thirty Club rooftop bar in Nashville on Wednesday. They are both separated from their marriages, Mike Caussin and Kristin Cavallari. The couple threw their arms around each other in a snapshot obtained by Us Weekly while posing with two other attendees at the event.

The couple had already gone out on a date, according to multiple sources who spoke to People. According to one source, Cutler just did it to make Cavallari, 34, jealous after finding that his ex-girlfriend is seeing Chase Rice, 35.

“By going on this public date with Jana, Jay was attempting to make Kristin envious. He’s upset that she’s dating Chase and has been attempting to get Kristin back, according to an unnamed source.

Another unidentified source told Us Weekly at the time, “Jay was attempting to make Kristin jealous, but Kristin has warned friends it isn’t going to work.” “It’s no coincidence that Jay chose to make his relationship with Jana public shortly after news leaked that Kristin and Chase Rice were dating.”

The appearance of Cutler and Kramer raised some eyebrows because the country singer is rumored to be close with Cavallari. One source claimed she relied on the “Very Cavallari” star following her April divorce from Caussin. The two ladies are only acquaintances, according to People’s second source, therefore Kramer dating Cavallari’s ex is fine.

The second person confirmed Cutler and Kramer’s outing, saying, “So far it’s just been one date.” “Kristin and Jana have just met twice and are merely acquaintances. They aren’t buddies.”

Cutler discussed his dating life on his podcast “Uncut With Jay Cutler” before his encounter with Kramer.

He stated that dating following his breakup with Cavallari has been difficult.

“It’s incredibly difficult,” he admitted. “Meeting people is difficult. I believe that figuring out what people actually want from you is a problem.”

Cutler went on to say that he was in a “different part of my life now that I have kids.” He went on to say that his priorities had shifted.

Camden, 9, and Jaxon, 7, are Cutler’s sons, and Saylor, 5, is Cavallari’s daughter. Meanwhile, Kramer and her former husband, Caussin, have a 5-year-old daughter Jolie Rae and a 2-year-old boy Jace Joseph.


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