In The Age Of COVID-19, Kendra Bentley On Breaking Into The Modeling Agency


In The Age Of COVID-19, Kendra Bentley On Breaking Into The Modeling Agency

Kendra Bentley knows the ins and outs of the fashion world as an American fashion model with decades of experience on fashion shoots for publications such as Glamour, Cosmopolitan, W, Maxim, Elle, and others. For nearly two decades, Kendra Bentley has been represented by Elite and Wilhelmina, two prestigious and well-known agencies. During the epidemic, Bentley spoke with a number of men and women interested in breaking into the sector during this trying period. Today, Kendra will talk about the difficulties of breaking into modeling during a pandemic, as well as advise for anyone trying to start their career.

When lockdown orders went into force in March of 2020, the modeling industry, like practically every other industry, was irrevocably changed. As advertising expenditures were lowered in an effort to stay afloat during the pandemic, work for models at all levels of the industry dried up. Because of the labor shortage, it was more difficult than ever for aspiring models to get their careers off the ground. Kendra Bentley feels that difficulty may inspire creativity, as seen by the fact that more models went to their social media profiles to attract booking agencies’ attention.

Models at all phases of their careers began to shoot from home to keep their portfolios fresh, despite the fact that Instagram pages were frequently used to exhibit published work previous to the pandemic. Booking agencies are scanning Instagram for prospective talent as a result of the pandemic. Because the modeling industry is so competitive, Kendra Bentley advises models to discover a niche that they adore. The model’s chances of being noticed and landing a job are increased by building a brand that revolves around a specific type of modeling or product. It’s crucial to know that aspiring models should avoid using Instagram filters. Because agencies prefer to see real photographs, using filters may do more harm than good. It’s recommended for aspiring models to create a separate page on Instagram for photos of their friends and family. It’s much easier to optimize the app to the best of a model’s potential when they have a personal page and a professional page.

The pandemic harmed aspiring photographers, makeup artists, and fashion designers just as much as the models. This has resulted in an increase in the number of websites where people may connect to collaborate and earn valuable experience. These alliances do not give monetary compensation, but they do provide benefits. Brief News from Washington Newsday.


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