In a single week, the NHS Covid app pings 500,000 users, a new high.


In a single week, the NHS Covid app pings 500,000 users, a new high.

According to fresh numbers, the NHS Covid-19 app has contacted a record number of users in England.

520,194 Test and Trace notifications were sent out in the week leading up to July 7, the largest amount since the numbers were first released in January.

This is approximately 200,000 higher than the previous week, when 356,677 were recorded.

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The NHS app is meant to notify anyone who have had close contact with someone who has tested positive for the coronavirus and should isolate themselves.

Many individuals may not be surprised by the revelation, as records reveal that the number of persons who have tested positive for Covid-19 in a week has reached an all-time high since January.

According to Test and Trace data, 194,005 people in England tested positive for Covid at least once in the week leading up to July 7.

Robert Jenrick, the communities and local government minister, expressed alarm over the app’s operation earlier today.

“It is crucial that we have the app, that we take it seriously, and that when we do get such messages, we act accordingly,” he said in an interview with LBC radio. However, we will think about how we can ensure that it is a proportionate response.

“We’ve said there are options for folks who have been double-vaccinated to take a more balanced approach.

“For example, we’re concerned about absenteeism as a result of being pinged. One of the reasons we need to transition to a more balanced strategy is because of this.”


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