In 3LW’s “No More,” Kiely Williams clears the air about her Lisp.


In 3LW’s “No More,” Kiely Williams clears the air about her Lisp.

Kiely Williams of the girl trio 3LW has been mocked since the release of their 2000 smash track, “No More (Baby I’m a Do Right),” for sounding like she has a lisp in the song.

Williams is finally clearing the air on her apparent lisp, saying in a new interview that it wasn’t purposeful.

When Kiely Williams recorded “No More,” she claims she “didn’t have a lisp.”

Fans can’t help but sing along to 3LW’s song “No More (Baby I’m a Do Right)” when they hear it come on.

“I’m getting a bit tired of your broken promises, promises,” Williams sings at the start of the song. Seeing different numbers and numerals on your pager.”

Many people have assumed Williams sang the phrase with a lisp for years and have mocked her for it ever since. Now, Williams is putting to rest rumors about her singing style on the tune, revealing in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight that she doesn’t have a lisp in real life and didn’t sing the song with one on purpose.

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“There was a period, long ago, before Pro Tools, when you could just auto-tune on the machine, there was a plug-in, and it was in a studio. “It was called an Antares, and it was a plug-in box,” Williams told the outlet. “And, like all new technology, this gadget was a little clumsy. The Antares rectified the notes but gave me a lisp when they attempted to mix my vocals. There’s no other way to explain it. I didn’t have a lisp if the Antares was switched off, but everything… This is a condensed version of the narrative. I hope you found it entertaining.


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