How to Get a Spot on History Channel’s Survival Show “Alone”


How to Get a Spot on History Channel’s Survival Show “Alone”

Would you be able to survive in the woods on your own? That is the idea of Alone, a hit reality show on the History Channel. Each of the ten candidates is sent to a secluded spot in the bush, where they must live for up to a year with little supplies. The main prize is awarded to the last person standing, while other contenders “tap out” throughout the season or are removed from the competition due to injury. Contestants only interact with other humans for required medical check-ups; otherwise, they are left with nothing but themselves, their wits, and their drive to survive. If you have what it takes, here’s how you get on Alone.

Are the ‘Alone’ contestants compensated?

The final person standing in most of the seven Alone seasons so far has walked away with $500,000. There are no second or third-place rewards, unlike similar reality shows like Survivor. In addition, contestants are not paid per episode. Since its first season, however, the show has included a twist: in 2020, during season 7, Alone launched a 100-day challenge with a $1 million prize. In addition, in season 4, the show experimented with a pairs format, in which a team of two people competed for a $500,000 reward.

Season 8 has gone back to the old one-person, $500,000 format. Shawn Witt, the executive producer of Alone, told Reality Blurred that the show might “explore” unexpected twists in the future. “They’re always looking for a hook,” he said.

How does someone make it onto ‘Alone’?

On Grizzly Mountain, bears are the top of the food chain. A new season of Alone premieres tomorrow at 9:30/8:30c. Watch only on The History Channel and the HISTORY app.

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People of any background, whether they’re survivalists or not, can apply for a spot on Alone. With that said, those who are resourceful, strong,… This story is a short summary. Hope you enjoyed.


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