How to Clean Windows Like a Professional


How to Clean Windows Like a Professional

Some of the chores we have to do can be really aggravating. Cleaning a bathroom is never fun, but it’s quite simple – and it feels fantastic once you’re done.

Cleaning your windows, on the other hand, is time-consuming and complicated. And there’s no assurance they won’t be coated in stains once you’re done.

Window cleaners are an excellent investment, but they are not inexpensive. And because less expensive solutions rarely do a good job, you might as well do it yourself. It is feasible to create clean, gleaming glass with the correct equipment and experience. Now that summer has here, throwing a light on all that grime and dirt, it’s the ideal time to clean up.

Where do I begin?

It’ll take twice as long to clean the inside of the windows because they’re double-sided, but start with the inside. Break up the job if you’re short on time. You can clean the insides one day and the outsides the next, do half of a house at a time, or even break it down into 15-minute blocks and clean one window at a time — it can help dirty jobs feel more doable.

Wendy Miranda, Lakeland’s customer ambassador, adds, “I had wonderful success with two ways for the inside of my windows.” “I scrub both the glass and the frame with warm soapy water, one panel at a time. I then squeegee all of the dirty water out of the frame and wash it down. After that, I give the glass a final once-over and a nice shine using a window and glass cleaner (I recommend Nilglass) and a microfibre cleaning cloth.”

Alternatively, instead of using the window and glass spray, she suggests utilizing a steam cleaner to finish.

Cleaning up the outside

Cleaning the outside of a window is unquestionably more difficult, as even ground-level glass can be difficult to reach. And once you’re looking at multi-storey houses or apartments – and enormous ladders – the job can become even more off-putting.

However, you can now buy kit designed to help you reach up high – sometimes without even needing. (This is a brief piece.)


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