How Paul McCartney reacted to the reactions to “Live and Let Die.


Live and Let Die” by Paul McCartney & Wing is one of their most famous hits and one of the most ubiquitous songs in the James Bond series. However, Paul received some backlash from Rolling Stone for performing the song. Here’s how Paul responded to the criticism in a Rolling Stone interview – and how the public reacted to “Live and Let Die.”

What Paul McCartney thought when he read a negative article about “Live and Let Die

The James Bond film Live and Let Die is noteworthy for a few reasons. It is the first 007 film to star Roger Moore, the first 007 film to feature a black love girl (even though she is not his main love girl in the film), and it is the only 007 film to feature a theme song by a former Beatle. According to Box Office Mojo, Live and Let Die made over $35 million. Disagreements did exist, but Paul’s decision to perform the theme song of Live and Let Die caused a stir.


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During an interview with Paul Gambaccini of Rolling Stone, Gambaccini asked Paul if he was inundated with offers to perform theme songs. “Not swamped,” Paul replied. “I get quite a few, you know. I just try to pick out a few that I think sound nice. It’s not something I plan.”


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Then Paul started talking about Wing’s song, “Live and Let Die.” “I remember an article in Rolling Stone – there’s a little bit of chatter, I read the papers, you know – that said, ‘McCartney’s going to do Live and Let Die, so it’s come to this, hasn’t it?” he said. “I thought, you silly fools. Were we talking to another newspaper and when I said I was going to do Live and Let Die, the 007 thing, the reporter said, ‘Hey, man, that’s really hip.’ So it just depends on how you look at it.”

How the American public reacted to Paul McCartney & Wing’s ‘Live and Let Die’

This raises an interesting question: How did the public react to “Live and Let Die?” The song reached #2 on the Billboard Hot 100, and this wasn’t even the only version of the song to hit the charts. Guns N’ Roses recorded a cover of “Live and Let Die” for their classic album Use Your Illusion I. Their rendition reached No. 33 on the BILLboard Hot 100.


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Paul McCartney & Wing’s “Live and Let Die” appeared in feature films without James Bond

“Live and Live Die” was even used in a memorable scene of the crime drama American Hustle. In the scene, Jennifer Lawrence angrily cleans her house while the song plays. “Live and Let Die” was also featured in a funeral scene from Shrek the Third. Paul received some criticism to finger for performing a Bond theme, but “Live and Let Die” became a popular and enduring song.

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