How Does Noelle Robinson Feel About Having Famous Parents on ‘The Real Housewives of Orange County’?


How Does Noelle Robinson Feel About Having Famous Parents on ‘The Real Housewives of Orange County’?

Cynthia Bailey’s daughter Noelle Robinson has grown up in front of the cameras of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Robinson has achieved success in a variety of entertainment endeavors, but she claims that having famous parents adds to the pressure to perform well.

Noelle Robinson is the daughter of Cynthia Bailey and actor Leon Robinson.

Since 2010, Noelle has been a regular on the show. Bailey had recently come to Atlanta to start a new life with her fiance, Peter Thomas, when she joined.

Noelle was successfully co-parented by Bailey and Leon. Leon spent her summers and vacations with Noelle, and he was a frequent visitor to Atlanta, even making an appearance on the show for a few episodes.

The show has covered some of Noelle’s most pivotal moments, including her coming out as sexually fluid. Bailey claims that this is her proudest moment on the show. In a December 2020 interview with Shadow and Act, she said:

Noelle Robinson, Cynthia Bailey’s daughter, gives an update on her relationship with Peter Thomas.

It was the best thing she could have done to do it on TV. Someone may have snapped a photograph of her traveling across campus on a girl’s hand and sent it to a blog, and that’s how the world finds out. It nearly appears that we’re concealing it. I’m proud of her for doing what she did, and she’s done quite well since then. She’s really a nice kid, and I’m looking forward to what Noelle has in store.

Leon is similarly proud of Noelle, and in a Vlad TV interview, he echoed Bailey’s remarks, noting that Noelle’s happiness is his first goal. “The most important thing to me is that my daughter is healthy and that she is in a good relationship, regardless of who she is with. So be it, whoever that is. He explained, “That’s her life.”

Noelle Robinson acknowledges the pressures that come with having famous parents.

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