How attractive is Animal Crossing? AOC, the youngest congresswoman in the United States, is also deeply involved


According to foreign media reports, what can be attractive enough for a polarized US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cotez (hereinafter referred to as AOC) to open her Twitter account for the first time What about netizens sending private messages? The answer is “Animal Forest“. On Thursday local time, AOC shared on Twitter the new fun she had just had in the game a few days ago.

By the way, she can also ask if she is going to other people ’s island and leave a message or graffiti on their bulletin board.

Obviously, this caused great commotion among AOC’s 6.8 million followers. Screenwriter Gary Whitta suggested that the congresswoman be interviewed on the late night talk show he created on his island.

AOC opened and checked her Twitter account’s private message for four minutes. Before that, she was tired of a lot of abuse from strangers on the Internet, but this time it was unexpectedly warm:

The 30-year-old AOC took office at 29 to become the youngest female member of Parliament. The young woman who did not hold any public office defeated Joe Crowley, who had served in Congress for many years, in 18 years and won the 14th Democratic Party nomination.


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