‘Hopefully We Come Back,’ Louis Tomlinson says of One Direction.


‘Hopefully We Come Back,’ Louis Tomlinson says of One Direction.

One Direction was an overnight sensation–the popular boy band quickly soared to fame, topping the charts with record after single. The boys were competing against each other when they happened to perform together, and the rest is history.

The band is currently on hiatus, but fans haven’t given up hope that they will reconvene in the future. Each member of the band has gone on to build their own businesses and families. In a recent interview, one of the members, however, had something unusual to say. Fans are wondering if the band’s reunion would happen sooner rather than later, according to his enigmatic response to a question regarding the band.

Who is Louis Tomlinson, and where did he come from?

Louis Tomlinson was born and raised in South Yorkshire, England, according to Biography. With five half-sisters from his mother’s second marriage, he grew up in a huge family (including one set of twins). His mother had another set of twins after her third remarriage, adding to their already huge family.

Tomlinson began his start in the entertainment industry as an extra on a TV sitcom starring his twin sisters. When he was 11 years old, he began taking acting training and began landing modest television appearances. He enjoyed participating in musicals throughout his school years. He also worked part-time at a local football club and in retail.

In 2009, Tomlinson auditioned for the singing competition X-Factor, but was not selected. He came back for the show in 2010, and this time he had even more success. When he and a few other contestants were eliminated before the final round, they were granted another chance to perform–this time as a band. The group came in third place, acquired a contract from Simon Cowell, and went on to become One Direction, the world’s most famous boy band.

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March 6, 2020 — Louis Tomlinson (@Louis Tomlinson)

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