Here Are Some of the Best Halloween Costumes Worn by the Characters on ‘Modern Family.’


Here Are Some of the Best Halloween Costumes Worn by the Characters on ‘Modern Family.’

In the Dunphy household, Halloween is a big deal. Characters in this sitcom dressed up for the holidays in many episodes, winning recognition from viewers in the process.

Here are some of the Modern Family characters’ fan-favorite outfits.

Several Halloween-themed episodes of ‘Modern Family’ have been posted.

There were some Valentine’s Day and Christmas episodes in this series, but Claire and Phil’s favorite holiday was still Halloween. They dressed up as each other and attempted to scare each other. They even converted their house into a “house of horrors” for a year.

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Other members of the extended family were often caught up in the excitement. For over ten years of series, these characters had plenty of classic Halloween costumes.

During one episode of “Modern Family,” the Pritchett family dressed up as the “Shrek” cast.

Gloria always made sure she looked stunning in her Halloween costumes. Jay had to pay a price for this. Jay dressed as the beast while she was Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Jay was “that man” when she dressed up as Beyoncé, as he puts it.

Gloria dressed up as Fiona, the princess from the animated film Shrek, for one episode of this comedy series. Her son was dressed as the talking donkey. That meant Jay had to be Shrek, the ogre.

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Haley Dunphy dressed as Mother Teresa

The eldest Dunphy child wasn’t exactly creative when it came to her costumes. During the “Halloween” episode of this series, Haley first dressed as a black cat. Then, after… This story is a short summary. Hope you enjoyed.


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