Heather Morris Explains Why the Cast of ‘Glee’ Didn’t Speak Up Against Lea Michele Earlier


Heather Morris Explains Why the Cast of ‘Glee’ Didn’t Speak Up Against Lea Michele Earlier

Glee was a Fox satirical teen drama that ran from 2009 to 2015 and catapulted numerous 20-something actors into international stardom. The actors played a gang of oddball Ohio high schoolers who were obsessed with show choir. The show resonated to high school outsiders all over the world who were looking for a place to belong. However, behind-the-scenes, it was said to be less inclusive than on-screen. Heather Morris explained why she and the rest of the Glee cast didn’t speak up sooner about Lea Michele’s behavior.

In 2020, former ‘Glee’ cast members spoke out against Lea Michele.

In the summer of 2020, while racial tensions were building, Michele expressed her support for the Black community on Twitter. Samantha Marie Ware, who played Jane Hayward on Glee for 11 episodes in 2015, responded to Michele with a now-deleted tweet regarding her on-set behavior.

“I believe you informed everyone that if [you]got the opportunity you would ‘sh*t in my wig!’” Ware wrote on Twitter. Among other terrible microaggressions that made me doubt a Hollywood career.”

Amber Riley seems to agree with Ware’s remark after she came up. This was the first time Michele had been accused of racial incidents on site by Glee actors.

Michele issued an apology on Instagram.

Michele wrote, “I certainly acted in ways that damaged other people.” “Whether it was my privileged position and perspective that caused me to be regarded as insensitive or inappropriate at times, or simply my immaturity and me being unnecessarily tough, I apologize for my actions and any hurt that I may have caused.”

Heather Morris wonders why the actors of ‘Glee’ didn’t speak up against Lea Michele sooner.

Samantha Ware, a star of NBC’s ‘Glee,’ says Lea Michele made her time on the show “a living hell.”

Michele spoke about Glee on Danny Pellegrino’s Everything Iconic podcast. She explained why she and her co-stars didn’t… This is a condensed version of the narrative. I hope you found it entertaining.


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