Hate crime is on the rise across the country, according to ‘alarming’ research.


Hate crime is on the rise across the country, according to ‘alarming’ research.

Hate crime is on the rise in England and Wales, according to a new report.

Hate crimes against protected groups increased by 9% in the year ending March 2021, according to data issued by the Office for National Statistics.

The most significant increase was in racial-motivated crimes, which increased by 12% from 2020 to 2021.

Joe Anderson alleges S*n proposed a ‘money arrangement’ to mend Merseyside tensions.

Hate crimes targeting religious organizations fell for the second year in a row, while hate crimes targeting people based on sexual orientation, transgender identity, and disability increased significantly.

The rises are thought to be the result of improved police recording systems, more victim and public awareness, and spikes in the frequency of hate crimes following key occurrences.

Merseyside’s local authorities are taking steps to raise awareness about hate crime in the area.

Sefton Council, in collaboration with a number of partners, is organizing events in support of National Hate Crime Awareness Week, which runs from October 9 to October 16.

These activities include offering hate crime awareness training to students in Sefton schools, collaborating with Merseyside Police on a targeted leaflet drop in major hotspot locations to raise alertness, and initiating a social media campaign to direct hate crime survivors to local help.

“We want to do everything we can to send the word out that hate crime will not be accepted in Sefton and to give people the confidence to report abuse and not suffer in silence,” a Sefton Council spokesperson said.

“It’s critical that people be aware of the numerous ways in which a hate crime may be reported in Sefton, whether it’s directly to the police, via the independent charity Stop Hate UK, or at one of the Borough’s many reporting centres.” Victims and witnesses will be given assistance in reporting hate crimes and receiving counseling and support.” “National Hate Crime Awareness Week is a significant event in the calendar for me,” said Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner Emily Spurrell. It provides us everyone the chance to enjoy and promote our communities’ unique variety while also joining together to reaffirm and. “The summary comes to an end.”


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