Harvey shoots Natasha in Coronation Street, but fans notice an odd problem.


Harvey shoots Natasha in Coronation Street, but fans notice an odd problem.

Harvey shot Natasha in a case of mistaken identification, bringing Coronation Street’s great soap week to a close.

Harvey escaped from prison earlier this week in order to exact vengeance on Leanne.

He tried to capture Leanne in the restaurant with the aim of murdering her, but she managed to flee as Harvey fell into a sinkhole.

Fans of Emmerdale point out glaring errors in the maze fire sequences.

Harvey, on the other hand, survived the fall and returned to the Cobbles to complete the work.

He shot Leanne in the arm, thinking he’d cornered her in her flat.

Leanne collapsed on the ground, and Harvey walked away.

Harvey had actually shot Natasha, who was dressed in the same Halloween costume as Leanne, it was later revealed.

However, viewers were perplexed as to why Harvey didn’t shoot who he thought was Leanne more than once, and why he didn’t double-check that it was Leanne he’d slain.

Richard wrote on Twitter: “Is there no follow-up shot to the head? Some sort of villain.” Milo stated, “Do we believe she will pass away? It’s not like he hit her in the chest with a bullet.” “Are you going to go away without making sure she’s dead?” said a third. Jazzy remarked: “All that effort for vengeance, and he doesn’t even check to see if he’s actually killed her… I’m not sure if that was Leanne, though.” Martin said, ” “Oh, come on, why would you only shoot someone once if you really want them dead? So I’m guessing she’ll pull through.” “Why would Harvey not verify who he shot?” Dem wondered.


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