Harry Styles felt more at ease wearing nail polish thanks to Louis Tomlinson of One Direction.


Harry Styles felt more at ease wearing nail polish thanks to Louis Tomlinson of One Direction.

Harry Styles was 16 years old when One Direction began, and Louis Tomlinson was 18. While in the band, the adolescent boys obviously matured a lot. They discovered their individual personalities, as well as their personal style and fashion preferences. Even though many people now know Styles as a gender-bending fashion trendsetter, he used to be afraid of wearing nail polish. It turns out that Tomlinson was the one who encouraged Styles to wear nail polish in the first place.

Harry Styles of One Direction and Louis Tomlinson of One Direction had a close friendship.

It was obvious early on in One Direction that Tomlinson and Styles had a bond within the group. Although both becoming mega-stars in their own right, the two fooled around in interviews and showed love for one another.

One of the ways Tomlinson supported Styles was by allowing him to express himself in any way he liked. This was particularly evident in one interview when it came to wearing nail polish. Styles was able to do what he wanted because of Tomlinson’s verbal persona: he was able to wear nail polish.

Harry Styles was helped by Louis Tomlinson to feel at ease with nail polish.

Louis Tomlinson of One Direction roasted fans several times when discussing his solo career.

When Styles was hesitant to paint his nails, Tomlinson persuaded him to “do the whole nail” in an interview at the start of One Direction. “Embrace it,” Tomlinson said, supporting his fellow band member during the interview.

While Styles still seemed nervous, Tomlinson got out of his chair and held Styles’ hands and arms while someone painted them. Later on in the interview, Tomlinson said, “What about, ‘Painted Nails Make Harry Beautiful.’”

This referenced their single “What Makes You Beautiful.” The track was a Catch-22 hit about an insecure girl not knowing she’s beautiful — and that’s what makes her beautiful.

Styles smiled brightly at the… This story is a short summary. Hope you enjoyed.


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