Halsey claimed she had “no interest” in singing, but one song changed everything.


Halsey claimed she had “no interest” in singing, but one song changed everything.

If you watch enough celebrity interviews, you’ll notice that the road to fame and fortune is a very different experience for each person. Some artists toil away for years before receiving a shred of acknowledgment. Others, on the other hand, appear to stumble into success. Even Halsey was taken aback by her sudden climb to popularity. Despite the fact that Halsey has created a name for herself as a skilled singer and songwriter, she never intended to be a singer until it was thrust upon her.

Halsey grew up playing a variety of instruments, including the violin, viola, cello, and acoustic guitar, as a true musician. She didn’t start writing songs herself till she was 17 years old. She felt like she was a part of something bigger than herself as she expressed herself via her words. Even yet, it would be another two years before the “Graveyard” vocalist realized that singing was her destiny.

The impact of one of Halsey’s songs on her life

Halsey released the song “Ghost” on SoundCloud on February 3, 2014. Halsey’s life was forever impacted by the song, which addresses what it’s like to be in a relationship with someone who is emotionally numb. Surprisingly, her sole motivation for releasing it on SoundCloud was to make a few money. In an interview with Interview Magazine in 2015, she was open about the song that put her on the map.

Sydney Sweeney and Halsey are close friends; how did they meet?

“We got that song out incredibly quickly,” Halsey explained, “and I wasn’t in bands, I didn’t have any representation, and I had no interest in being a singer.” “It was simply a cool tune, and some pals said, ‘If you put this up and it gets…’ This is a condensed version of the narrative. I hope you found it entertaining.


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