Glenn Close Explains Why She’s Never Found a ‘Permanent Partner’


Glenn Close Explains Why She’s Never Found a ‘Permanent Partner’

For decades, Glenn Close has shown that she is a force to be reckoned with in the acting world. Her career has been fruitful, with Oscars, Golden Globes, Tony Awards, Emmy Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards, and other honors. Her personal life, however, has not been as good as her professional life due to her childhood spent in a cult.

When Glenn Close was younger, she was a member of a cult.

Close has previously spoken about her upbringing and her time in a cult, but she went into greater detail about her background in the final episode of Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry’s latest documentary, The Me You Can’t See.

“It’s incredible that anything you went through at such a young age can still have such a damaging potential,” she said. “I believe it stems from childhood trauma.”

She went into more detail about her period of Moral Re-Armament.

“I was in this group called MRA from the age of seven until I was 22, and it was essentially a cult,” she said. “Everyone said the same things, and there were a lot of laws and controls in place… It was a complete disaster.”

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According to Glenn Close, her time in the cult harmed her romantic relationships.

Close has been in a number of intimate relationships. In reality, the actress has had three marriages. In the cult, she met her first husband, Cabot Wade.

“I had a weird upbringing,” she told Parade in an interview earlier this year. “I think that was basically an arranged marriage, actually, that’s a whole other story.” The marriage ended when Close was just 22.

After that, she married James Marlas, a businessman, but the relationship ended after three years. Then, she dated producer, John Starke, for four years and had a daughter, Annie Starke, with… This story is a short summary. Hope you enjoyed.


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