For £2 less than Tesco, Aldi has chocolate that tastes “just like” Toblerone.


For £2 less than Tesco, Aldi has chocolate that tastes “just like” Toblerone.

Customers at Aldi allege that one of the store’s own-brand chocolate bars tastes just like Toblerone.

When it comes to food, beauty, and cleaning items, the cheap store is recognized for imitating big-name brands.

If you have a yearning for Toblerone but want to save a few pennies, try Aldi’s Moser Roth Swiss Mountain bars, which users say taste exactly like the real thing.

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The new chocolate bar is part of Aldi’s Christmas 2021 collection, and many customers immediately recognized it as Toblerone.

Several buyers made the comparison after seeing the bar in an Aldi Facebook group, with one saying it “tastes EXACTLY the same” as Toblerone.

Aldi’s bar is comprised of “chewy honey and almond nougat” and covered in chocolate, just like Toblerone, and it even has the same form as the iconic triangle chocolate.

Aldi’s 400g bar is roughly £2 less expensive than a Toblerone 360g bar, which usually costs £5. Moser Roth Swiss Mountain bars are £2.99 at Aldi.

Customers have also expressed their desire to sample the new bars, with one commenting, “Wow, gotta get some.”

“Yum, I’ll keep an eye out for this,” wrote another.

“Ooohhhh must try xx,” said a third.

Moser Roth Swiss Mountain bars are available in milk and white chocolate from the merchant.

Aldi’s Christmas collection is now available online.


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