Following the 2021 series of Love Island, the star returns to her day job.


Following the 2021 series of Love Island, the star returns to her day job.

Georgia Townend, a former Love Island contestant, has decided to return to her day job.

Georgia, 28, was only in the villa for a little over 24 hours in the 2021 season and has already returned to her previous job as a marketing professional.

Georgia posted a video of herself attempting to enter her office with her work pass, asking, “Will my pass let me in?” Is it possible that I’ve been fired?

As seen on TV, Mum notices an unwanted alteration in her home.

“Yaaaaay, it’s letting me in.” I made it to work, but the real question is whether I can make it through the day.”

Georgia appeared on the Love Island Reunion Show after only 24 hours in the villa, according to reports. Birmingham is a vibrant city.

Despite making a play for Hugo Hammond, she failed to pair up with anyone during her brief appearance on the show.

“I entered the villa with honest intentions, I was hoped that despite being an unconventional technique, there could be a real potential of meeting someone,” she wrote on Instagram after leaving the Majorca villa. Unfortunately, things may not always turn out as planned, but learning a lesson is always worth the tuition cost.

“I knew I was an exception in comparison to the normal islander even before I applied. I’m terrible at make-up, can’t flirt for the life of me, and evidently have terrible fashion sense.

“But, despite these flaws, I wanted to portray average girls who have trouble dating, aren’t concerned with social justice, and have a real desire to find someone.”

“I respect my integrity above all else, and I didn’t want to invest my time in unrequited love or have to sabotage relationships to save my own skin,” she continued. While this meant I was definitely a s**t islander, it also meant I retained my dignity and respect.”


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