Following Coleen Rooney’s post, Rebekah Vardy claims that children are being abused at school.


Following Coleen Rooney’s post, Rebekah Vardy claims that children are being abused at school.

As her court struggle with Coleen Rooney continues, Rebekah Vardy claims that her children have been “abused at school.”

Mrs Rooney, 35, accused Mrs Vardy, 39, of distributing “false information” about her personal life during a months-long “sting operation” that earned her the moniker “Wagatha Christie.”

Former England footballer Wayne Rooney’s wife alleged that her husband’s wife shared phony stories she had made on her personal Instagram account with the newspaper.

After being escorted out of Wetherspoons for wearing a “inappropriate shirt,” a woman was humiliated.

“For a few years now, someone I trusted to follow me on my personal Instagram account has been routinely alerting The S*n newspaper of my private posts and tales,” Mrs Rooney wrote on Instagram and Twitter.

“I’ve preserved and screenshotted all of the original stories, and they plainly prove that just one individual has looked at them. It’s………… Rebekah Vardy’s account.”

Mrs Vardy, who is married to Leicester City star Jamie Vardy, disputes the allegations and has filed a libel suit against Mrs Rooney.

According to the Daily Mirror, Mrs Vardy’s legal representative Hugh Tomlinson QC claimed that her children have been “abused at school” during the legal wrangling and that “it’s a very serious matter from her point of view” during skeleton arguments at the preliminary hearing in the libel case, which began today.

Mrs Vardy’s attorneys requested the High Court to dismiss sections of Mrs Rooney’s defence, including allegations of Mrs Vardy’s intimate relationship with The S*n and the benefits she received, at a hearing on Friday.

“The goal of our application is to clean away what we argue is a pile of irrelevant or peripheral content in order to save time and money,” Mr Tomlinson said.

Mrs Vardy did not want certain elements of the defense thrown out because they would embarrass her, according to Mr Tomlinson.

“She will deal with it if required,” he added, “but we say it is not essential and will be a waste of everyone’s time.”

The counsel contended that the most important question was whether Mrs Vardy was leaking posts from Mrs Rooney’s Instagram account, and that the other problems were unimportant.

In his written submissions, Mr Tomlinson said most of the. Summary ends.


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