Following a police sighting via a tavern window, men slid drugs bags down their trousers.


Following a police sighting via a tavern window, men slid drugs bags down their trousers.

When two guys detained on suspicion of drug peddling observed police through a pub window, they put bags full of white powder down their trousers and into their socks.

Officers raided The Railway on Brighton Road in Waterloo last month, discovering a huge amount of narcotics and £45,000 in cash inside.

On suspicion of possessing with intent to provide class A drugs, police detained two men, ages 50 and 42, and a woman, age 34.

A 60-year-old man was also detained on suspicion of possessing with intent to distribute class A drugs and handling stolen property. So far, no one has been identified among those detained.

However, when members of Sefton Council’s licensing committee considered whether or not to cancel the pub’s license, further facts of the raid emerged.

Landlord Keith George Rose was able to evade this, with police stating that he had no knowledge of what was going on at the property.

Officers have linked the father of premises supervisor Cody Michael Jones to Operation Pelican, an investigation into the cocaine trade in Crosby and Waterloo, according to Merseyside Police Sergeant Craig Carmichael.

The three guys arrested at the pub included Mr Jones’ father.

Mr Rose claimed he had moved immediately to begin the process of evicting the family, and the Railway’s license was stopped for three months.

When officers arrived at the tavern soon before 2 p.m. on September 18, Sergeant Carmichael described a chaotic scene.

As they approached the pub, officers noticed two males sitting at a table with cash and what appeared to be white powder snap packs.

Customers at the bar watched as officers entered the establishment and began searching it.

“When they noticed the officers, they began to immediately start hiding objects down the front of their trousers and also within their socks,” Sergeant Carmichael said.

Both guys were searched and arrested later, with police discovering cash and two snap packets of suspected cocaine on one of them.

On or near the table where the men had been sitting, there were ten bags of the same white substance. Sergeant. “The summary has come to an end.”


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