‘Feral street rats’ transform the neighborhood into a scene from ‘Sons of Anarchy.’


‘Feral street rats’ transform the neighborhood into a scene from ‘Sons of Anarchy.’

People in one Merseyside borough are being terrorized by ‘hooded, feral street rats’ on bikes who are turning their neighborhood into a Sons of Anarchy scene.

Residents in St Helens have stated “enough is enough” after seeing a gang of bikers and mopes wreaking havoc in the Clock Face area and elsewhere in town.

People have stated that the group – which they believe to be the same faces – rides through the streets in an anti-social manner late at night and early in the morning, intimidating neighbors.

People in the Merseyside area have been warned after a ‘gang’ attacked homes as their children slept.

The hooded motorcyclists are said to zigzag in and out of lanes while wearing no protective gear and traveling on the wrong side of the road.

One person has requested a ‘urgent appeal’ on Facebook.

The individual stated: “I’ve witnessed the same hooded street rats on mopeds, no lights, no helmets, face covered, weaving in and out of the wrong side of the road into oncoming traffic for the last few evenings when driving through Clock Face.

“So here’s my plea to the parents of these wild street rats: you know your sons are riding these mopeds illegally, but you’re either not bothered or you’re such a lousy parent that you think it’s okay for them to do so.

“Please, do us all a favor and try to parent these street rats before they cause significant harm to someone who is innocent.”

This year, the number of stolen motorbikes and automobiles has increased dramatically across the borough, and many people believe there is a link between the increase in bikes being ridden anti-socially and the number of stolen vehicles.

Tori Davies said she saw the suspected group on Wednesday, October 13 in Newton-Le-Willows.

“They were driving head on, on the wrong side of the road, towards me yesterday, sans helmets, wearing scarves over their faces,” she told The Washington Newsday.

“It looked like something out of a horrible episode of Sons of Anarchy – terrifying, especially with my baby in the car!”

“How is this allowed to happen?” says the narrator.

Claire Burns stated that the group was walking past her. “The summary has come to an end.”


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