Fans React to the New ‘Set Mascot’ in ‘The Last Kingdom’


Fans React to the New ‘Set Mascot’ in ‘The Last Kingdom’

The Last Kingdom Season 5 is presently in production in Hungary, which is fantastic news for fans. Season 5 will, however, be the final season, which is difficult for supporters to accept. But, happily, there’s still one more season before it’s truly finished.

Uhtred actor Alexander Dreymon recently introduced the new “set mascot” on social media. What are the opinions of fans? We have all of the information.

The new “set mascot” is revealed by Alexander Dreymon from “The Last Kingdom.”

Dreymon posted a photo of the new “set mascot” on his Instagram account on May 25, 2021. Dreymon may be seen seated in a chair, probably in the makeup area, in the first video in the post, which comprises a compilation of videos. His hair is styled like Uhtred’s, and he wears a black shirt while petting a calico cat. The cat purrs contentedly next to him in the chair.

Then someone on the walkie talkie says, “Anyone out of the chair yet?” and Dreymon makes a face. “No,” he admits. While holding the walkie talkie, he says, “We’re busy petting the cat.”


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