Fans react after Vivica A. Fox reveals on the radio that 50 Cent dumped her.


Fans react after Vivica A. Fox reveals on the radio that 50 Cent dumped her.

Do you recall when Vivica A. Fox and 50 Cent were a couple? They started dating in 2003 after 50 Cent memorably yelled her out at an award event (“I want to congratulate Vivica Fox for wearing that dress!”) but split up after only a few months.

Fox said she was utterly taken aback by the breakup, which she learned about through a friend. Fans who are familiar with the rapper’s petty and sleazy behavior aren’t shocked.

Vivica A. Fox discusses her romance with 50 Cent and their split.

After shouting her out at the 2003 BET Awards, Fox began dating 50 Cent (real name Curtis Jackson). In an interview with Vlad TV, Fox revealed that he had planned to propose to her at one point and had even purchased a 12-carat diamond for her. Their breakup was caused by a quarrel during the World Music Awards in October of that year.

She told the outlet, “The connection ended after the World Music Awards.” “When I returned, he was on the radio, announcing that he had dumped me.”

Vlad clarified by asking if she found out about the breakup during the interview. Fox said, “Yes.” “I was contacted by a friend. My hairdresser Darryl Brown contacted me while I was filming The Salon in Baltimore and said, “Your boy is on the radio hammering you.” ‘Who?’ I wondered at first. ’50 Cent,’ he exclaimed. ‘Curtis?’ I exclaimed. ‘Yeah, he’s telling everyone you guys broke up,’ he said. ‘We did?’ I exclaimed. ‘Hmm.’ He never said, “That’s it, it’s over.”

It’s unknown which interview 50 Cent had with Howard Stern in November 2003, although it may be that one. He apparently reflected on their relationship and expressed sorrow for being so public with her during the chat. He admitted that he eventually ghosted Fox because he suspected that members of her team had disclosed sensitive material to the press.

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