Fans of BTS criticize ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’ for mistaking another boyband for the global supergroup septet.


Fans of BTS criticize ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’ for mistaking another boyband for the global supergroup septet.

Kelly Clarkson, a singer and host, drew backlash from BTS fans after mistaking a future K-pop group for BTS.

Chris Martin of Coldplay was a guest on Monday’s third season premiere of “The Kelly Clarkson Show.” Martin mentioned working with BTS on the song “My Universe,” which is featured on the band’s new album “Music Of The Spheres.”

Clarkson congratulated Martin for the collaboration and said, “It’s called ‘My Universe,’ and you did it with BTS, right? That’s fantastic. I adore the fact that you’re collaborating with BTS.”

However, the eagle-eyed ARMY members were enraged by the inset photo that was flashed on the screen at the time. Instead of BTS, it featured members of the new boyband Blitzers.

Fans flocked to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction with the show and to criticize it.

“This is such a disgrace to BTS and the guys whose photos were used. They don’t all look the same just because they’re Asian. How could they be so inept and uneducated? All they had to do was go to Google and type in BTS. Is that also too tough for them to accomplish?” a fan remarked

“Hey @KellyClarksonTV, Google is free, so learn to use it. You can’t just throw a bunch of Koreans together and expect people to not see it’s not BTS. Another individual tweeted, “@Kellyclarkson hosted the BB awards when they performed, she made jokes using their names DO BETTER!!”

Clarkson should also do her homework, according to one Twitter user, to prevent making such mistakes.

“In terms to the Kelly Clarkson debacle, I do not believe her crew is solely to blame. If she talked bts up and did it all right, nobody would say ‘well that was just her staff, kudos to them.’ The fan tweeted, “It’s her show, with her name on it, she’s ultimately liable.”

The Blitzers, originally Wuzo Circle, are a young K-pop group that debuted in May.

Some BTS fans are blaming the mixup on a story that ran on The National. According to the source, the seven-member group aspires to be the next BTS.

In the past, even CNN and The Hill’s Spanish editions got it wrong and mistaken Blitzers for BTS.

The ARMY has been assured that they now have the correct photographs of the global superstars after “The Kelly Clarkson Show” apologized for its error.

“Many thanks to the #BTSArmy. We’re sorry, and we’ve provided our stations with the correct image,” the. Washington Newsday Brief News.


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