Experts describe how to get rid of a cold in as little as 24 hours.


Experts describe how to get rid of a cold in as little as 24 hours.

Many people have gone to social media recently after contracting the “Super Cold,” which experts say is caused by the pandemic’s low immunity.

According to the Mirror, having a cold is never fun, and most people spend a few days in bed feeling sorry for themselves while waiting for it to pass.

Those days, however, may be numbered, as medical experts claim that treating the symptoms early enough can help to eliminate the cold before it takes hold of our sinuses.

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Several experts shared their best advice on what to do in the morning, afternoon, and evening if you fear you’re getting a cold and want to get rid of the symptoms in less than 24 hours.

Professor Ron Eccles, a cold and flu expert and emeritus professor at Cardiff University, suggests that taking a hot shower first thing in the morning will help ‘loosen secretions’ in our noses by clearing blocked sinuses.

Warm water can also help with hurting limbs, which are common when we become ill.

Next, get your vitamin C fix by eating oranges or kiwis for breakfast, or simply mixing fresh berries into your oatmeal.

The bad news for tea and coffee drinkers is that they should be the last liquids you reach for, according to nutritionist Amanda Ursell, who says the caffeine element of the drinks may dehydrate you even more, so stick to orange juice instead.

To relieve coughing and sneezing, nutritional therapist Julie Silver recommends using a saltpipe, which is an inhaler developed to assist enhance our respiratory systems. They may be purchased for roughly £15.00 on the internet.

If you feel a cold coming on, GP Dr Sarah Brewer advises remaining home and staying warm.

“These immune systems don’t perform correctly if the nose gets too cold,” she explained, “so you’re more susceptible to infection.”

“Staying indoors also helps to keep infection at bay. If you must go out, wrap a scarf around your nose to keep it warm, and use a moisturising nasal spray if necessary.” When we’re feeling under the weather, we all resort to soup. “The summary comes to an end.”


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