Euro 2020: An unofficial ranking of all of the tournament’s football kits


Euro 2020: An unofficial ranking of all of the tournament’s football kits

After a year of waiting, UEFA Euro 2020 has here. On June 11, Turkey will take on Italy in the first encounter. After a month of play, the victor will be decided on July 7 at Wembley Stadium.

We’ll have to wait to see which squad will win, but there is one thing we can judge right now: the fashion.

The team uniforms from the 24 countries range from the bizarre to the quite delightful…

Macedonia, North

More than “football champions,” this look suggests “children’s TV program.”

Finland is a country in Northern Europe.

Finland’s jersey is far too literal: the flag has been turned into a jersey, and the cross has been given an odd ombre.

Croatia is a country in Europe.

There’s no denying that this is Croatia, with its enormous red and white squares. While different, the style is difficult to appreciate…

The Netherlands is a country in Europe.

This year in the Netherlands, chaos reigns supreme. From afar it looks pretty normal – bright orange, as would be expected – but up close, it’s a tangle of lines making up a lion. It’s unquestionably a lot.

Turkey is a country in Europe.

Red and white isn’t exactly revolutionary.

Poland is a country in Europe.

Poland’s outfit has far too much white in our opinion. With the badge in the centre, things are slightly more interesting, but it’s still nothing to write home about.

Belgium is a country in Europe.

Belgium’s traditional red kit was spiced up with black diagonal stripes (the team is known as the Red Devils). According to Adidas, “This jersey started life on a canvas, giving it a hand-painted look” – but it also runs the risk of looking a bit messy.

Czech Republic

You can’t go far wrong with red and blue, and there’s a nice meaning hidden in this shirt: apparently the subtle geometric patterns represent the Lipa tree, the Slavic symbol for freedom (according to Puma). We just wish it was a bit more obvious.


Yellow and blue is a cheerful colour combination, but it’s not the most memorable style we’ve. (This is a short article)


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