Emma Kenney says Emmy Rossum’s ‘Shameless’ exit made the set a ‘More Positive Place.’


Emma Kenney says Emmy Rossum’s ‘Shameless’ exit made the set a ‘More Positive Place.’

Alum of “Shameless”

Emma Kenney has spoken candidly about her feud with former co-star Emmy Rossum following the latter’s departure from the Showtime series.

Rossum, 35, quit “Shameless” in 2019 after nine seasons as Fiona Gallagher, Kenney’s character Debbie’s elder sister.

Rossum’s departure “was awkward at first for sure,” Kenney, 22, said on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast Wednesday, but her absence also brought positive changes to the set of the drama.

Kenney remarked, “The set became more of a positive atmosphere.” “I remember going on set several days before she left and being extremely nervous having a scene with her because if she was having a terrible day, she made it a bad day for everyone.” Kenney remembers Rossum, who is 13 years her senior, as being “in good and bad ways” like a sister to her. “There were times when [Rossum] was attempting to be a positive influence, and then there were others when she was outright giving me bad…not the best advise,” she explained.

“I don’t know if it was other people on set producing that or if it was her generating that, but I know I wasn’t creating it,” the “Connors” alum added, adding, “I don’t know if it was other people on set creating that or if it was her creating it, but I know I wasn’t creating it.”

Despite this, Kenney stated that she has “a lot of affection” for Rossum and wishes her the best after working with her for nearly a decade.

“It’s okay that we haven’t spoken in years. I hope she finds happiness, and I heard she had a baby, which is amazing, and I’m sure she’ll be a wonderful mother “Rossum and her four-year-husband, Sam Esmail, had a baby girl in May, she said.

Rossum penned a lengthy and heartfelt message on Facebook three years ago, announcing her departure from the Showtime series, detailing the experiences she made and the friendships she formed while working on the show for eight years.

“Shameless,” she claims, provided her with a sense of security and a family she never had. In contrast to her character Fiona, Rossum revealed that she is an only child who has never had a large family, but that she discovered one on set and that it is the “family love” she had always desired.

Rossum reportedly sought for a greater compensation before leaving, according to Variety. The Washington Newsday Brief News is a daily newspaper published in Washington, D.C.


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