Elvis Presley’s Jungle Room: How It Was Made and Why It Is So Popular


Elvis Presley’s Jungle Room: How It Was Made and Why It Is So Popular

The Jungle Room is one of the most popular features of Elvis Presley’s mansion Graceland. The Jungle Room, interestingly enough, would not be the same without the efforts of Elvis Presley’s girlfriend, Linda Thompson. Here’s a look at how the room was created — and how a song helped it become more well-known in the 1990s.

The Jungle Room’s role in helping Linda Thompson cope with the loss of Elvis Presley

After his divorce from Priscilla Presley, Elvis’ girlfriend was Linda Thompson. She spent a lot of time with Elvis, both on the road and at Graceland. When Elvis was away from her, Thompson spent time alone there. She explains “a special project” she was offered by the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll in her book A Little Thing Called Life.

“Elvis entrusted me with a dream that would absorb all of my energy and imagination right through to July,” Thompson writes of March 1974. It gave me something to concentrate on while he was gone without me, which started to happen more often, as I had predicted, but still just for a few days at a time.” Her work influenced the design of Elvis Presley’s house, especially what began as a screened-in porch and was later enclosed into a space.

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When he helped build the Jungle Room, what was Elvis Presley thinking?

The singer had a vision for the room. “Honey, I’m trying to make it look like you’re in the jungle… Elvis told her, “And we’re going to put green carpet on the wall.” The singer envisioned the green carpet “like moss is climbing the wall.” The couple went to Pier 1 imports and bought “fake fur chairs and some of the other wilder decorations.”

Elvis’ taste was his own and he chose items that he liked… This story is a short summary. I hope you found it entertaining.


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