Ellen DeGeneres explains why she doesn’t want children: ‘It Seems Long-Term.’


Ellen DeGeneres explains why she doesn’t want children: ‘It Seems Long-Term.’

Some celebs can’t get enough of their kids and the life of a parent. On the other hand, there are celebrities who are well-known for their unwavering determination to avoiding having children. Take a look at some of the prominent people who have chosen this road, as well as what Ellen DeGeneres has to say about her decision not to have children.

Celebrities who have chosen not to have children

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October 7, 2020 — Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow)

Marriage and children are no longer seen as the be-all and end-all. People’s perspectives have shifted as time has passed. A number of celebrities have admirers and followers that appreciate them for their decision to live a childless life.

One of the many celebrities who has embraced the concept of not having children is Seth Rogen, a prominent humorous actor. It’s all about the work for Rogen, as People pointed out. Simply explained, having children would take away time from Rogen’s already hectic schedule. Lauren Miller, Rogen’s wife, is, of course, on the same page as her husband.

Miley Cyrus is another celebrity who has spoken out against the typical path that many women are supposed to take. The earth is not in good enough shape for another generation, according to the singers. Furthermore, Oprah Winfrey has always been forthright about her decision not to have children, and she has stated that the Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa has, in some ways, filled that void for her.

Winfrey isn’t the only well-known television personality who has been criticized for her decision to become a mother. Another Hollywood favorite, Ellen DeGeneres, has decided not to have children, and her explanation may surprise some.

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